Sponsor a Pilgrim

Do you remember how special your Emmaus Walk was to you? It wouldn’t have been possible without the prayer and sacrifice of your sponsor.

After your Walk, you are able to sponsor any friends and family for a future Emmaus Walk. Prayerfully consider who you would like to sponsor, seeking the Holy Spirit as your guide in whom you should sponsor. Explain what the weekend is to your potential pilgrim. Discuss no watches or cell phones. Assure them that there will be an emergency contact number if needed.  Explain reunion groups and post-weekend involvement within the community.

The Walk to Emmaus is not just about those three days, it’s also about the Fourth Day Community, becoming an impact on the world, our church, and the community for Christ’s Kingdom.

Sponsor Responsibilities

Prayer for Discernment

  • Is your candidate a Christian and attending church regularly?
  • Is your candidate a leader/potential leader in the church?
  • Is your candidate ready spiritually and in life (not going through any major life issues)?
  • Pray for your candidate.

Meet with your Candidate and Discuss the Weekend

  • 16 talk and discussion
  • What to bring
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Worship

Complete Candidate Application

  • Download candidate application.
  • Complete the sponsor side of the application.
  • Have the candidate complete the candidate side of the application.
  • Read the entire form and sign it.

Submit your Application with $125 Payment to Registrar

  • You can pay by cash or check. *Make checks payable to Northeast Louisiana Emmaus Community. 

Pick up your Pilgrim and bring them to the Walk Thursday evening.

  • Please make sure that your Pilgrim has eaten as no Thursday evening meal is provided.

Plan to stay for Sponsors’ Hour to pray over your Pilgrim’s cross.

*More details will be provided to you by the Registrar.